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Business Tax Payers

"Getting the right structure in place for effective tax planning and business strategy is crucial."

Do you have an existing business or thinking of starting out on your own for the first time?
One of the most important issues you will need to think about is the business structure you will trade in.
Most small and micro businesses in Australia are registered as sole traders in their own name.
However a partnership, Company or Trust should always be considered, depending on your circumstances.
These are great entities to help minimize your tax legally in the best possible way.
Peter Reimann has over 40 years experience helping business owners navigate the tax system and create business trading structures which helps them build long term wealth for themselves and their families.
So if you are not sure of how to go about starting up for own Company or Trust for your business, contact Peter today

Individual Taxpayers

"Australians pay at least 125 different taxes each year."

The Australian taxation system is one of the most complex in the world. Australians pay at least 125 different taxes each year. Of these, 99 are levied by the Australian government (including 67 agricultural levies), 25 by the States and 1 (council rates) by local government.

So when tax times comes around each year, don’t leave it to chance. Let us help you prepare and lodge your annual tax returns so we can endeavour to get you the best return with the maximum allowable deductions.

We help many rental property and investment owners, organising the preparation of Depreciation Schedules advising on any applicable Capital Gains Tax issues, provide advice on negative and positive gearing to make sure you are getting the most from your investments and your tax return. Extended ATO lodgment dates are afforded to Tax Agents, so there is no October 31 deadline when you lodge with us every year on time.