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Just remember, staff meetings are not just about delegating tasks to your employees with a deadline.

It is important to have staff meetings regularly to help keep staff members informed about various aspects of your business management, which may not be possible to discuss over e-mails. A face to face meeting provides opportunity for your staff members to voice their concerns, share ideas, brainstorm solutions to resolve problems and catch up.  By doing this, everyone feels included, motivated, understood and informed to get through the week ahead.

To have an effective staff meeting every week or so, it is advisable to have one on Monday mornings with a cup of coffee. Make sure all staff members, business managers and directors participate in the meetings. Have an agenda of things that need to be discussed during the meeting. The agenda must include minutes of last meeting (if any), discussion on past weeks tasks and issues (both resolved and unresolved), resolution of issues by brainstorming and sharing ideas, tasks to be carried out in the current week and how-to, discussion on training and professional development needs, etc.

Encourage employees to have a priority chart or table where the tasks are prioritized based on their importance and urgency.

Focus on each employee to discuss tasks that have been completed and the once that are pending or overdue and how they can be completed.

The agenda must always include time for general catch up and feedback, once all the above have been discussed. This is where everyone talks about interests, hobbies, world news and any concerns that may not be particularly work related.  Feedbacks can provide a platform for motivation and improvement.

This is how we roll in our office, and believe me, we don’t have Monday blues anymore!